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Resolution: 0.01mm/0.0005"
Model No.: 1112-150
Price : 1914 1498 ++
Model No.: 1112-200
Price : 2679 2274 ++
Model No.: 1112-300
Price : 4941 4181 ++


Model No.: 1205-1502S
Price : 1499 1239 ++
Model No.: 1205-2002S
Price : 2260 1962 ++
Model No.: 1205-3002S
Price : 4189 3645 ++


Graduation: 0.01mm
Model No.: 1312-150A
Price : 2206 2024 ++
Model No.: 1312-200A
Price : 2939 2696 ++
Model No.: 1312-300A
Price : 5008 4527 ++


Resolution: 0.01mm/0.0005"
Model No.: 1150-300
Price : 16570 11182 ++


Model No.: 2301-10
Price : 1311 1090 ++

Dial Test Indicator

Graduation: 0.01mm
Model No.: 2380-08
Price : 2493 2056 ++
Model No.: 2381-08
Price : 2776 2415 ++


Model No.: 2322-35A
Price : 6181 4639 ++
Model No.: 2322-60A
Price : 6174 4639 ++
Model No.: 2322-160A
Price : 6417 4816 ++
Model No.: 2322-250A
Price : 8865 6899 ++


For digital/dial indicators and dial test indicators
Model No.: 6200-60
Price : 1034 886 ++
Model No.: 6201-60
Price : 958 813 ++
Model No.: 6202-80
Price : 1870 1308 ++


Graduation:metric 0.01mm
Model No.: 3203-25A
Price : 1319 1114 ++
Model No.: 3203-50A
Price : 1495 1316 ++
Model No.: 3203-75A
Price : 1734 1472 ++
Model No.: 3203-100A
Price : 1929 1632 ++

company profile

Chand Company, the trusted name for Engineering and Industrial Tools, established in 1943. We deal in all kinds of precision measuring instruments and Technical tools for more than 50 years.

We try to cater the Indian Industry with changing & ever growing demand for all types of tools i.e. Machine Tool Accessories, Cutting Tools, Hand Tools, Measuring Tools and any other type of tools required for the development of the industry.

Chand Company is one of the leading Trading Company for various precision measuring instruments & technical tools. The Company has a back up of 50 years of experience in this field and has excellent report in the market. In order to increase our clientage, we welcome more and more customers to join us for our mutual benefits. Having customers in India and abroad Chand Company is enjoying excellent relations with all its customers.

We have a lot of tools in our box to offer. Our product range is one of the widest in country and are serving our customers in one-stop shop for all their requirements of tools. Our moto is to spread our hands all over world by selling our tools to different parts of world.

Our's is the organisation who believes in quality products only. Price is not remembered long but quality is remembered for years while using the products & tools.

We have tried our best to present each & every information about our product in this website but if you still need any other information, you may contact us any time.

Chand Company sincerly thank you for the trust you have reposed and the valuable support given to us. As we enter the 55 year of service, we take this oppurtunity to salute you and thank you for your association with us in this exciting journey.

Quality Products at reasonable prices has always been our motto - thus gaining the confidence of Customers and Dealers. During this period due to technological developments and latest innovations a wide range of products were added to meet different applications and industrial requirements. With your patronage this has made us one of the very few retail outlets offering the entire range of Industrial Tools and Equipments.

In the changing scenario, we recognised the need for distributing quality Tools and Equipments at a low cost supported by excellent after sales service to dealers across the country.

With great deal of customization, tailored packages and professional approach, we assure you that the rates offered by us for these products are the most competitive ex-factory price in the Industry supplemented by timely service.

We look forward for your continuous support in the years to come.

Thanking you and assuring our best services at al times.

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